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                  Looking at today's world, the competition between enterprises is in essence the competition of talents and the competition of talent mechanism. The first-class talents are the foundation of the first-class cause. With the continuous development of grinding industry, it is necessary to build a talent highland, gather a large number of talents, and maximize the energy and role. The realization of any good idea depends on talents. In grinding, talents are always the most important resource for enterprises and the most active and creative strategic elements to promote the progress of enterprises.

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                  As far as grinding is concerned, we believe that everyone is a talent, and only those who have both political integrity and ability are the talents we need. We understand that "Virtue" is loyal to the enterprise and full of passion for work, can make self sacrifice for the cause, and can identify with milling values and corporate culture; "talent" refers to the person with ability in a certain work field. They are: the ability to grasp and create opportunities; the ability to possess knowledge widely; the ability to learn and use; the ability to collect and process information in time; the ability to communicate and coordinate with others; the ability to think independently and innovate constantly; the ability to overcome difficulties and pursue excellence.

                  For the identification and use of talents, we don't look at the level of diplomas, we don't attach importance to qualifications and abilities; we use boldly, vigorously press and eliminate them; as much talent you have, we can set up a big stage for you. We are committed to establishing a fair, just, open, competitive, incentive and efficient employment mechanism. We should strive to create a working environment conducive to the development of employees' personality, open channels to recruit talents, use talents in an informal way, try to cultivate talents, meet the needs, motivate talents, retain talents with emotional investment, and maximize the potential of human resources. We absolutely cherish anyone who is useful for grinding.

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