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                Chromium alloy casting ball (forging) Column classification:Wear resistant iron castings  Release time:2020-10-21     Views

                  Rail transit accessories, marine ship parts, auto parts, hydraulic and machine tool castings, all kinds of aluminum alloy gravity and low pressure casting parts. Production of various grades of gray iron castings such as HT200 -- HT300, nodular iron castings of various brands such as qt400 -- QT700, castings of various aluminum alloy grades, various types of steel castings, wear-resistant castings of chromium alloy series, wear-resistant parts of Aobei alloy series, etc.

                  The company has a number of automatic production lines of iron mold covering sand mold, vertical parting box free automatic production line, resin sand casting production line with an annual output of 10000 tons, and aluminum alloy gravity and low pressure casting production line with an annual output of 5000 tons. Equipped with advanced energy-saving and environmental protection melting device and automatic pouring system, the annual output of various casting parts reaches 60000 tons.


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